Hole in One

Distance16.6K  OS Explorer160

Station is a long road walk from actual 'Waters', this route can be used, in part, as an alternate scenic route. After station forecourt take small ally before first building on left. Follow & down steps to walk alongside railway bank. Cabrera Trust R.Bourne Walk, in the woods to the right, offers diversion.

Turn right when ally meets road coming from under rail bridge. Follow past shops then keep right at fork, past school then football ground on left. At next road, cross & enter nice woods (may have mud). Shortly enter uphill onto golf course. Views across course, but make into wood ahead and to right.

Footpath across course is on some track but mostly small roads with hardly any traffic. Well signposted but also passes through exclusive housing estates (what are they hiding?) As is the nature of golf courses - is well kept and landscaped, offering delusion of views, which, in the end, is full of holes.

Exit course via luxury estate. Cross fast A30, then before restaurant take bridleway right, on gravel into sunken, muddy path with 'keep-out' woods either side. Views to left before entering Coworth Park then Polo fields to left, Hotel to right, small lake & views in-front. Live the life of luxury!

After open fields enter small swampy wood with some odd 'triffid' looking plants. Seen deer in Blacknest Park from here. Small road leads to A329, cross over to pavement opposite, turn right past more horse fields and straight on past restaurant to enter Windsor Park through the Blacknest Gate.

For Virginia Water turn right & just follow lake. This route turns left onto sandy horse riding track. Can enter woods to right & forge own path. At end turn right & onto the Three Castles Path. Leave road to cyclists & odd car, walk on well kept grass. Nice views across working fields. Spot Red Kites & foxes.

Continue following road or wooden fence. Lots of individual old trees and views left and right with Red Kites floating above. At cross roads take second turn right and start small climb up into woods. At top try and find track back down to Round Pond. (Could carry straight on at cross road missing out Copper Horse.)

Round Pond used to be just a name on the map, but has had some man-made help & will eventually be quite a nice spot with views up to the Copper Horse & views west across park. Walk up to Copper Horse on wide enclosed grass, can get a bit waterlogged & muddy. Views at top of Castle and Planes.

Can take The Long Walk to Windsor Castle from the Copper Horse, but this walks takes The Gallop which runs alongside but is in more open grass land. Equestrian events sometimes takes place around here but with lots of space can easily divert. Lots of deer, also see Red Kites soar above Ancient trees.

I ran into a mega-herd of deer this day, which stretched out and blocked direct route but with lots of space around here could easily divert. Would usually explore the few little wooded areas before heading to the Gatehouse exit and meeting up with The Long Walk back to Windsor Castle.

End walk at Windsor which has 2 railway stations. Windsor & Eton Riverside for trains to London and the Central Train Station for trains to Slough. When I first started walking (& full of enthusiasm) I combined this with a Thames Path walk back to Staines, these days the 2 remain rightly seperate.

Path is ally, on tarmac - but at least no cars.
Slow rise up to golf course.
Green rivers flow... its just an delusion illusion.
Love this bit.
Horse track in Windsor Park after Blacknest Gate.
Pond is behind wooded fence and is off bounds to public.
View up small climb into woods at top.
Round Pond now has water and ducks!
Mega-Herd! diversion needed.
Gatehouse exit.
End of The Long Walk up to Windsor Castle.