Sika here, Sika there

Distance15.7K  OS Explorer160

Recommended to be walked on a frosty winters day as brief section besides Trumps Farm gets waterlogged & overgrown. Start Virginia Water Railway Station which has small parade of shops outside with a cafe & newsagents open Sundays.

Exit station then back over railway bridge on main road, past junction, past school on right. Straight after school, take lane on right which leads to bridge over railway then woods on left and right. Continue on lane until just after houses.

Two choices here, take Bridge Lane over M3 or, as this route, take footpath under M3 following stream. Although a dreaded 'Temporary Prohibition of Traffic Order' notice was up closing underpass, no work was going on.. so..

Footpath isn't too clear through small wood, taking some time to find exit, via small footbridge. Hemmed-in after bridge up to road. At main road go right then left (Harrow Bottom Road). Find start of footpath, just before Fairview Farm entrance.

This stretch is a bit hemmed-in (single file) but has nice view across horse fields on right and fleeting view of small lake through woods on left. Can get muddy and have had fallen tree blocking way on past walks. Seen foxes and skia deer? here.

Recycling Centre provides large green fence to follow before crossing rather marshy & smelly wood to newly built wooden fence & gate. Path isn't marked but take gate and follow fence right then left till exit through similar gate.

Take left onto road then right onto fast traffic road with little or no walking verge, but hold breath (they're only people driving - they're not trying to kill you) until rather grand entrance, with manned sentry box, on left into Longcross Estate.

Very odd place this, always feel like i'm trespassing on grand lawns but has series of public footpaths across. I went up to the nice ponds, took lunch with the ducks then on into neat woods and onto Chobham Common.

If it's a Sunday you may hear the buzzing (and get fleeting views of) the Chobham Common Model Flying Club, who launch off this high point. The vast open space of Common contrasts nicely with the restrictive paths at start.

Only (brief) climb on walk, take the steps up at a jogging pace to feel you earned view from top. Views look South across the Common, with Woking? in the distance. At top take path left then cross road at Staple Hill disused carpark.

Can detour up to small wood atop Staple Hill, but will have to re-establish path through spikey vegetation. Take subway (again under M3) then cross another road (has periodically fast traffic) and join dog walkers for last part of Common.

Can go left here and see the Memorial Cross from where Queen Victoria inspected her troops, but from where you can inspect the Chobham Road. Return to route and get better view of last bit of Common you'll be walking.

Exit Common onto Chobham Road and walk over railway bridge. Road has pavement on left side. Straight after bridge, cross road and take first right then bear right into posh looking private road, but which is still a public footpath.

Footpath continues along road but can bear right and duck straight into woods, along track, then meet up again with footpath at start of Wentworth Golf Course. First bit doesn't cross any fairways or greens but is through nice woods.

Although golf course is usually well signposted, with most footpaths converted to golf cart tracks, still was one tricky bit here. Careful to keep to the public footpaths / golf cart tracks - as will be told-off by highly strung course officials!

The perverse 'beauty' of this golf course is the public footpaths go through some very exclusive residencies, so equalise!! (in some small way) and stand in middle of private roads taking in view of gorgeous tree lined avenues.

After private roads enter very small wooded area through 'back alley' then cross last bit of golf course. Exist golf course via woods at Knowle Hill. Its probably just the hippy in me, but these glades gives off some heavy mystical, magical vibes.

Exist woods and take small road opposite, across road. Pass 'The Timbers' Virginia Waters FC home ground on right, then school then small parade of shops before taking footpath on left just before road goes under railway bridge.

Along final stretch is the Cabrera Trust Riverside Walk. A small circular walk in woods alongside River Bourne (here wide stream). Display board tantalise you with a picture of a Kingfisher - but who knows, the forest nymphs might bless you.

If not taking up diversion, or have come full circle, continue along concrete path running below railway bank to end walk back at Virginia Water BR. Station is well served from Waterloo, Reading, Weybridge & Woking on Sundays.

Path can get a bit enclosed and restrictive in places.
Lane next to school, before bridge and woods.
Lane after bridge, still on tarmac, with woods either side.
Woods next to M3 - probably never sees the sun.
Polite horses offer navigation advice.
Smell of sulphur may come from vegetation - or recycling centre?
Reach safety & imagine being welcomed home by security guard.
Just passing through...
Slight incline up toward highpoint.
One day i'll study the map to see what I can see.
I love an underpass - provides contrast.
Nice view - any time of the year (i.e. photo not taken in winter)
Brief detour into the world of abstract engineering.
Nice woods in-between railway and golf course.
To many choices!!
Avenues, all lined with trees..
Awaiting the appearance of forest nymphs.
Steps up to alleyway alongside railway line.
Final chance to stretch your legs.
Personal war memorial outside station, in process of being 'moved'.