Mutton and Garlic

Distance17.7K  OS Explorer133

Fantastic walk! Footpaths from the off. Two climbs, the last brings views either side of the Shoulder of Mutton, and around May the wild garlic in Hawkley Hanger and on Noar Hill adds a touch of spice. Start at abandoned platform for the Longmoor Military Railway.

First bit is part of the Liss Riverside Railway Walk and takes you through nice woods & beside River Rother until turning off left across small footbridge into open, pleasent fields. Cross road at Burgates and navigate around St Peters IPC then find footbridge over A3.

Choice after footbridge of going straight on to Scotland Farm or turning right onto 'road track' footpath toward Ham Barn Farm. It got a bit hemmed in around a field perimeter and had to overcome slight path obstruction (a locked gate) so maybe other route is better.

Never mind, as after navigating through someones back garden your into Crabtree Copse and some lovely views toward Noar Hill through unspoilt grassland peppered with the odd tree & one abandoned building. Mill Lane stream is small (but still wets the boots).

On to small road but quickly leave up narrow trackway, cross working fields to hug bottom of Noar Hill woods until gaining entry for steady climb up through wild garlic woods (no views at top!) Tricky descent into open fields then cow fields to road & pond at Vann Farm.

You joined The Hangers Way at the top of Noar Hill and we now follow it all the way to Petersfield. After Vann Farm cross cow & bull fields until a sharp left turn takes you up slightly and into Hawkley Hanger. Wooded enough for shade, but still allows views.

Through Hawkley Hanger get second glimpse & whiff of wild garlic. Woods give some shade & raised embankment gives subtle views eastward over open fields. Seems a popular dog stroll route for locals. Hanger comes the old English word hangra - meaning a wooded slope.

Navigate through Hawkley, briefly on roads, maybe spot some llama then prepare to conquer south face. Got a bit out of breath on this climb, but views back to Noar Hill gives excuse to pause & compose ones self. Bit of a false end to climb - it just keeps on....

Climb well worth it though with views so good can cause trouble on descent - keeping your eye on your footing isn't easy with glorious tree framed vistas opening up. Edward Thomas's Poets Stone allows brief rest bite on difficult descent.

At Little Langley's Ponds had to stop and make way for a family of Geese waddling along path - attempting to get to pond, unfortunatly just as they got to the turning to pond another walker came round corner and unwittingly caused them to u-turn and head back up path.

Just before entry to woods past Little Langley look back for last views back up to Shoulder of Mutton. Careful to find footpath on right side of church, then end of walk brings you gently into Petersfield over A3. Quite a few shops just past station if water needs topping up.

That's why my train was late!
View across fields just after turning left.
Toward Ham Barn Farm.
Through Crabtree Copse.
Approach to Noar Hill.
Waking toward Hawkley Hanger.
I think this is wild garlic - i might be wrong.
Take deep breaths....
Camera skills let me down, and its a bit of a fall if you slip.
Are we there yet?
Take a deep breath!