River Wey

Distance19.1K  OS Explorer145+160

Can't get that lost on this walk. Follow River Wey and its navigation canal on towpath, with brief detour into a riverside nature reserve at Stoke Lock. End with late pub lunch at Pryford Lock. Start underneath towns 2 main traffic bridges (on railway station side of river) & just keep heading north!

At 2nd turn, on other side of canal is Dapdune Wharf, which houses a Canal Museum and offers an early diversion if you wish to visit (use footbridge alongside railway bridge to cross). Continuing, just past bridge is Woodbridge Meadows - give a little prayer for its survival & bless those who tend it.

Cross river over busy dual carriage (has pedestrian crossing with traffic lights) onto 'upgraded' towpath section (to accommodate cyclists?) alongside carpark. As the towpath isn't a public footpath right of way - expect at best the tinkering of bike bells and hearty 'Thank-you's!'.

Still have houses & gardens on opposite bank, but open fields start to dominate on towpath side. After going under another road bridge, around bend, the River splits for Stoke Mill (now 'Get Surrey' HQ). The last busy road bridge for now takes you over split, but still keeps you on same of river bank.

After picturesque Stoke Lock, cross wobbly iron-plated footbridge and detour into the Riverside Park Nature Reserve. Has a few hides and is on raised platforms, also has a lake. Close to A3 so can hear drone, but nice anyway & the wildlife don't seem to mind. Back onto towpath via electric avenue.

Towpath becomes a bit more remote with expanse of countryside on opposite side of river but the A3 drone stays with us for a little bit longer. After sharp right, head under road bridge then over Bowers Lock. Try to find 300 year old oak (see the historic board nearby before crossing).

Under bridge then a left. Towpath now skirts around Sutton Park and we finally leave A3 behind us (its not that bad!) and we can start seeing River Wey at its best. Sutton Park, although fenced off, provides trees and greenery for nice views and the odd dear and other wildlife.

This section and approach to Triggs Lock gives very nice views across opposite bank, forward, toward Send and the church at Send Grove. This is probably the quietist and calmest section of the route today- so I'll just stop chatting for a bit...

A few riverside house just before Cartbridge, and returning signs of humanity - not before some goat spotting whilst passing small farm on right. Seen a few Kites around here. There is a Pub at the actual cart-bridge. No need to cross road over bridge - as can get get back under bridge once over river.

Papercourt Lock has a small, battered seat to rest for a bit alongside the moored up barges and canal boats and maybe eat your packed lunch. The approach sees a possible new development of an old Mill on opposite side of bank. As you cross at lock you get to see a double water cascade!

After crossing River across Newark road bridge we get glimpses of the Newark Priory ruins on left. Inbetween Newark Lock and Walsham Lock towpath crosses Walsham Meadows. Meadow has cows and moored picnicking barges. Can get a bit muddy in winter and rutty in summer.

Last two sections can get a bit congested with people walking off gastro lunches from Pyford Lock pub, and it being a very picturesque stretch. When you get to Pyford Lock make sure you don't cross over bridge - just the road, as towpath keeps on right bank. You should be temptingly close to pub.

Last bit of towpath brings us to the first, and last, climb of the day - up and over Dodd's Bridge. Whilst on bridge take last look back at River then down and through thin woods alongside golf course and out to open field, take path and head for houses opposite for exist.

End of walk and back on to roads. You go through small town centre on way back to West Byfleet Railway Station. On Sundays Waitrose and Coffee shops (or smaller shop if on budget) are open. There's a pub next to station if you go under railway line.

You pass under a lot of bridges - so find a little beauty in them.
Looking back to Dapdune Wharf.
Bikes just make puddles & mud! That's my moan out the way today.
First signs of solitude.
Take right at dragonfly to get to lake, straight on for hides.
Looking back across lake, just before existing Nature Reserve.
Not much need of that on this walk.
Lovely stretch here.
Just after small bridge, look out for Goats and watch sky for Red Kites.
Two for the price of one.
You don't get this close. Photo taken with bit of zoom.
Didn't want to give free advertising to pub, oh well...
First and last climb of the day.
In May you get to see lots of Dragons and Butterflies.