Straight Outta Compton

Distance13.5K  OS Explorer145

Exist station, turn right, then right again - up and over railway bridge (heading away from town). Continue with steady climb on road past mini roundabout, then just past hospital & school take next left. At the end of road look across junction to find start of footpath to the right of last house.

Climb using enclosed footpath on steps or enter grass area to walk up. Look back for views of urban Guildford & Cathedral. At top can exit grass area, turning right onto road track or continue across to opposite top corner to view stone marking the Cornish Rebellion of 1497, then exit onto track there.

Road track (hardly any traffic) ends at Henley Fort reverting to bridleway dirt track after. Tree enclosed on both sides, hiding view over Guildford on right (not much loss) but also much better views left. Judging by the worn tracks along the edge of working field (access through trees) this is a more popular route.

Make sure not to miss turn if on enclosed bridleway, then more views on narrow descent. At bottom pass farm house and turn right onto the North Downs Way. Watch out for 4 wheel 'adventure' land rovers (from Loseley Park) - although I think you have right of way so ask them to back up & let you pass!

At end of sunken lanes (can get a bit muddy) pass farm where path gets very sandy and come out with the Watts Gallery on the right. Turn left (leaving North Downs Way) onto road which has no pavement - so take footpath left, through equestrian centre. Back onto road, but can then visit Watts Chapel.

After chapel continue on road (ok to walk). At junction turn left onto busier road but which has pavement. Compton is a small hamlet with country cottages & houses lining a fast road. Need to cross to get to its Church, St Nicholas, which is architecturally unique in England but most importantly its got a bench.

After rest, rejoin road (cross to see lambs pre-spring in field over stone wall) until grass area next to phone box, follow footpath direction across to start of road track. Very little traffic (mainly to and fro from allotments) as tarmac leads you up to Polsted Manor. Woods to the left and view over hedges on right.

View looking right at start of stretch. Pass orchard & farm house on left, then views left up to Hogs Back until reaching gates for Loseley Park. Footpath skirts around Park. First turning can be bit enclosed but next right opens out. ENTER gate at small lake (see exit gate if in doubt if you should be in here)

After lake, cross working field with views looking right. Exit through small hamlet crossing road/lane. Follow alongside field and at end take left (used to be a small bench here) and skirt around Mount Brown police dog training area. After passing some bambo come to 'fake' housing to find opening through stone wall.

Join NDW on road after slight steep down. Tricky crossing at road to pub opposite. Right, then left opp. College of Law. Should see fork; left (lane) is NDW, right is driveway, further right is steep path up to St Catherines Hill. Has Chapel ruins, fine views to St Martha Hill & the odd rumble of trains underfoot.

Retrace down hill & rejoin NDW over railway bridge & down steep tarmac to meet River Wey towpath. Turn left (leaving NDW) and follow river back to Guildford. Nice park area as river turns left into Millmead lock system. At lock cross over footbridge going left, to the carpark & pub.

After carpark find ground statue of Alice & the White Rabbit, just before another pub before bridge. Follow river back to Guildford Station, which has enough passing passengers to justify payable toilets (20p please) and a mini M&S, where essential supplies can be brought before or after walk.

Can I get wings for my feet? WF Watts lies in rest at Watts Chapel.
That's where we're heading.
View on descent, another that can cause injury - watch your step down!
Surreys sunken lanes. Bluebells in woods to the right around here.
Think I spotted some Cretan pagan mazes used as gargoles.
Should I really be having a packed lunch in Church grounds?
Just past Polsted Manor - looking back.
A question I often ask myself - Should I be in here?
First time here was thrown by fake houses & missed this opening.
Scene of many 5 day medieval rave-ups, haunted judging by the roaches.
River Wey as navigation leads you back to Guildford.
End of walk, and back down the rabbit hole.